India Under Construction (IUC) A Platform for Ideation and Impact The change we seek…India is. The constant flux of a nation under development ensures a rich and varied culture of socio-political equations. Enter the construction and infrastructure industry and the complexities of added economics increase. ‘India Under Construction’ aims to be a looking glass to capture this flux on a media platform. IUC is a dialogue confluence of how smart management and planning have made some cites and rural basins, the benchmarks for habitat development. It is a platform to share and network on consequential ideas that engage communities undergoing rapid divides. The consequential inference would be the balancing act of projects and plans, which changed the social order of the big, divide between the city, the “burbs” and the village. FireShot Capture 152 - Smart SoCIeTY - http___www.indiaunderconstruction.com_smartsociety_