When I decided to quit my previous job as strategic consultant on public policies I thought things were going to be easier. It is the first time I work independently and what I was afraid of it is true: I am not good at working on my own, basically because I feel I am not a salesperson at all. But I am sure it was time to start a new life. A new baby came to the world and changed everything: priorities, routines and the available time dedicated to work and it was a good excuse to shift to new professional perspectives.

I thought it was going to be easy to find permanent positions chances, even though here in Spain things are stalled. At least I was optimistic considering my public exposure and relative impact of my blog and complementary activities on the internet. I am usually contacted for public talks and conferences, and it is usual that new contacts and proposals reach my mail box every week. But looking back, I was not able to get enough workload from commissioned contracts and public speaking. It is a mix of my evident inability to sell myself but also taking care of the baby is not helping to have moments of quality to identify partners, define new projects or reach possible clients. Maybe I am relying too much on the potential of the blog (and that more corporate-style website I launched) as my business card.

After six months, I have the feeling that things are not as expected. Freelancing was a meantime solution until chances for a new position came up, but it is definitely taking longer. Given my professional background –consultancy on strategic design of public policies and local development- and priorities –relatively small companies, flexible work environment,…-, the range of possibilities is quite narrow, but it always worked until now, it seems. In this time I have been a part-time househusband and a part-time independent consultant and not-so-actively job seeker while I had the change to give five lectures, have a small contribution in two projects and be commissioned (currently running) a first project on my own. Yes, some other contacts are there waiting to take form and other proposals are taking longer for the final OK, but the prospects are not as brighter as I would like.

Moving outside Spain is an option, but we couldn´t find the way yet. It is a three players game (me, my wife and the child) and it should make sense for all of us. It is always tempting to wait for some news here before taking the final decision to move abroad. First it was Australia (that journey 14 months ago made me fall in love with Sydney and Melbourne), but it seems almost impossible to find a job offer from Spain not holding a visa. Then it was Canada, but my wife´s professional career would be stopped while the license to practice is processed. Now it is UK, which is relatively easier and definitely closer. This time more tangible options are appearing in the distance and I had some first promising interviews. This is why I am currently considering an exploratory visit to London in the coming weeks and prepare an agenda with contacts and people to meet.

There is no turning back and lots of options ahead, I guess.