Como conclusión del debate online que organizó The Guardian la semana pasada y en elq ue me invitaron a participar en el panel de expertos se publica ahora un artículo con las principales sugerencias, entre las que han destacado algunas ideas que planteé:

 10 ways to build a sustainable future

Manu Fernandez, urban strategist, Human Scale City, Bilbao, Spain. @manufernandez

Don’t overestimate the role of technology: The global discourse on cities has to some extent been co-opted by an idealistic vision of the kind of technologies that will facilitate urban life in the future. From a global development perspective, it’s important not to let these expectations affect the way cities are built, as they are not guaranteed.

Link planners and communities to create new participatory frameworks: Working on human development gives architects and urban planners a chance not only to apply their practical skills but to mediate and encourage dialogue between institutions and communities.

Participatory planning should be context-specific: Progress and social indicators can mean different things in different places, so finding common ground on how to practice community participatory planning isn’t always easy. We can think of some broad principles on how to understand planning, but when it comes to practice, planning engagement processes and facilitating participatory actions will inevitably differ.

10 ways to build a sustainable future - Global Development Professionals Network - Guardian Professional