We are not sure how it happened, but our Tumblr reached 73.000 followers.

Manu Fernández:

It all started as a test. Tumblr? Let´s see what it is about. It was September 2009. I gave up soon. There is no use in this, I thought. Until I found the Archive section I was not aware of. And suddenly, it made sense. It was October 2010 when I found out Tumblr was a perfect twin brother for my Delicious. Sketches and ideas tagged and organized as a raw material for future posts on my blog. Since then, it has become compulsive: bookmarking, tagging, cheking the archives,…a crucial part of the process of analysis and writing. Tumbling is a pre-blogging stage, because, in the end,Ciudades a Escala Humana is my blog and Human Scale Cities tumblr is the prologue of the posts I write, part of the daily protocol.

I hope you find this Tumblr as useful as I do. I really appreciate when you comment and add more contexts to some things I post from the distance (adding local details of particular projects, cases  or urban controversies), or even when you make me notice the main source is mistaken or I am using old sources