Some quick notes on recent news.


Confirmed agenda within the next months:

Latest talks:


  • SMART CITY EXPO WORLD CONGRESS BARCELONA. Supporting the Smart City Expo World Congress with contents and advice in their online communication strategy.
  • TABAKALERA INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY CULTURE CENTRE. Supporting a cultural institution to integrate the use of public spaces in their production and exhibition activities.
  • BARCELONA PROVINCE GOVERNMENT. A consultancy programme to help municipalities to put into practice activities on adaptive urbanism to reactivate abandoned sites and underused public facilities and private premises.


  • New member of the STEERING COMMITTEE of the Smart City Exhibition Bologna 2013.
  • New member of the ADVISORY BOARD of URBAN IxD EU project.
  • Working on a proposal to launch a CIVIC MEDIA platform and its related activities.
  • Working on a proposal to curate an EXHIBITION on smart cities in daily life.
  • Member of the community of experts of LATERAL THINKING FACTORY.
  • Finding clients to develop a project to use open data mapping tool to build a local economic observatory with EIXOS.CAT.
  • New contributing writer for COMPARTE INNOVACIÓN by Philips.