HUMAN SCALE CITY is a project of urban analysis dealing with the current debates on cities, urban policies and local actions, actively working in the intersection of digital media and urban life, promoting new ways to enhance urban experience, civic engagement and technology ownsership in the networked society.. Cities are crucial to understand the world today. They are always imperfect creations but, nevertheless, they still work and make sense as the best form of collective organization. From an optimistic view on the future of the cities we have already built  and we live in, and assuming the particular circumstances that differ among them,  HUMAN SCALE CITY wants to analyze and generate social change actions from different perspectives. The project has been launched in 2012 but, in fact, it started years ago when the blog Ciudades a Escala Humana was born as a research and publishing tool and in this time it has become a professional independent project. Brochure


HUMAN SCALE CITY is an independent project by  MANU FERNÁNDEZ. As a researcher and urban policy consultant for the last ten years, I have always been involved in projects relating to local sustainability and analysis of urban economies. I am currently working as a freelance in three areas: adaptive strategies to cope with the economic crisis, the intersection of digital and social perspectives of bottom-up smart cities and, finally, the actions to boost economic revitalization in cities. As an active reader and writer, my work has been featured in academic papers and digital media (La Ciudad VivaNew Start MagazineYorokobu or EMI-EuropeanMetroplitan Network Institute) and I am a regular book reviewer for MIT Press, Earthscan, Phaidon, Routledge or Paidós.