Some quick lines on recent work:

•    Preparing a proposal for a cultural institution for a one-year programme of activities on adaptive urbanism and street level interventions. I am quite happy that this opportunity is emerging, and excited that one of the reasons why I quit my job transitioning from consultancy to real projects- is taking form. I hope it can be clear in two weeks and, if so, you will hear about it.
•    Preparing a workshop series on the intersection of mobile technologies and urban life. This is somehow a follow-up of the previous work done under the idea of UrbApps, but taking it further to new fields. This is still a standardized programme so far, but it will have different formats depending on sponsors and partners.
•    I am also collaborating with an organisation that deals with open data to find opportunities for new business and revitalize urban economies, particularly making the best of commercial vacant facilities. I am not at all a good commercial guy, but the idea is to work with local authorities around. Not very successful yet, but some first contacts can become clear soon. This would mean opening some activities on analyzing urban economies and high street decline with new tools (visualization, data analytics,…).
•    Last week I was quite busy preparing a bid for a public contract for a strategic and participatory planning process in a town. It´s been a joint effort with two other organisations.

This is the confirmed talks agenda within the next months:
•    EIBAR. Adaptive urbanism in industrial sites (January 31st). Eibar City Council.
•    MÁLAGA. Financing and managing urban actions in the new local economic context (February 18th). Urban Environment Observatory.
•    VALENCIA. New trends in urban economies in a permanent meanwhile (May 8th.). University of Valencia.

Published posts last week:
•    Week picks #11
•    Tres libros que leeré en 2013: civic coders, the city as interface y ubiquitous computing
•    The future of masterplanning
•    Artículo. Urbanismo adaptativo: crisis, transición y temporalidad

Next week I will post at least:

  • A post on LentSpace
  • A post on NDSM Wharf
  • I have some draft ideas on solutionism, hackathons and civic action. It´s been a controversy lately and I have the feeling that some ideas I already wrote on the role of mobile apps for civic action have a lot to do with it.


  • I am almost decided to start the process of writing my PhD thesis (resuming something I abandoned ten years ago). There is no idea of starting an academic career, but the need to give form to my research inclination. This is something I am more aware than ever and all the work in the last years on the blog has been my refugee to do so, but my current personal and professional situation convinces me to give it a try. Next week I will have a first interview with a possible director, as far as the thesis topic becomes clear.
  • The Human Scale City website needs a renewal. After some weeks as a beta version I am not yet convinced if it is of any help in explaining what we do or what we intend to do and, particularly, as an invitation for possible partners and people interested in engage with me in new projects.